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It is said that love is the universal language.

No couple emulates that more than Ladislav Kerekes and his partner, Melaine Montoya. Ladislav is from Slovakia and Melaine is from Peru. Though their worlds were far apart their paths would cross and transform the lives of both in profound ways.

In 2017. the somewhat shy Ladislav met Mel, who was very outgoing. The fact they came from very different cultures and neither spoke each other’s language, could not stop the obvious chemistry that sparked when the universe finally brought them together. They both instantly knew this was meant to be, even though on the surface neither could explain it. That is the mystery and magic of love.

mel and ladislav

Once they met, they decided to spend more and more time together, having settled on English as a language they could both communicate in. But it wasn’t just the words that form a language that they consider key. Most important to them was the essence of their communication, their commitment to truth and the happiness of each other. From the very first moments, they felt they could speak openly about their hopes, their fears, and their dreams. And not surprisingly, they found that their goals and passions were very similar, especially a love for travel, exploration, health and old cultures.

They loved supporting one another and combining their interests, which while very similar, differed in small ways that made each unique and special. For example, while Ladislav loves the jungle and natural adventure, Melaine enjoys the beach and traveling to countries with old cultures. They found they could combine those interests and they began traveling together.

The first place Ladislav ventured was Mel’s country, Peru, which captured so much of their interests. Ladislav visited the jungle, the famous Amazon river, and the breathtaking Machu Picchu mountains with his daughters Timea and Diana. Later, Ladislav visited different cities in Peru, such as Lima, Cajamarca, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Junin, Jauja and the famous beaches of Mancora and Zorritos.

This trip was especially interesting for him because he had always wondered about the legends and stories, he had heard about the Inca civilization and the wisdom passed on from these ancestors. He was intrigued about the great native foods that made up the Peruvian diet, a diet that to this day draws on ancient ingredients and ideas. The item that drew his attention most was a unique Peruvian breakfast, a kind of beverage that used ancient ingredients like Quinoa, Maca and Oats, foods Peruvians mixed with fruit, like Pineapple, Pears and Apples. These drinks are so popular in Peru, that Peruvians could be found selling this breakfast drink on almost every street corner.

It got Ladislav thinking, he sensed this was something the whole world could benefit from. Fascinated with healthy, alternative eating habits before his trip, and an introduction to this drink, Ladislav wondered why he couldn’t introduce healthier foods with ancient, delicious ingredients to others? So, after some discussion with Melaine, and much research, in May of 2018, he and Melaine launched their business, built on the idea of importing ancient and delicious juices from Peru. Although Peru, and the people of Peru were the genesis that launched the business, he and Melaine decided not to limit their product line to Peruvian beverages. They are currently looking at other age old cultures, that have introduced healthy foods and drinks to their people, but whose wonder foods have not yet risen to common knowledge or use outside of those countries and villages.

Discovering the hidden healthy secrets of these historic cultures and respectfully, introducing those to the world so others can benefit, and learn about these fascinating people, is the basis of their business and personal mission. Just like the perfect blend of ingredients that make each juice so special, Ladislav and Mel’s relationship is equally special. The fact they were able to transcend what could have been barriers to their relationship and come out of it better than they were before, is testament to their passion, and love for each other. And it is proof of what can be achieved.

ladislav and mel


We are still in the process of living our lives and growing a business. We understand that we are learning from our mistakes, but the purpose of this is growing together, having fun, being free, and supporting each other with love and respect.

That is a recipe the ancestors of any culture in the world would approve of. It is also the best example of what love can do!



To discover and bring healthy, natural products to a health-conscious North America, using ingredients known for millennia to ancient cultures of the world, but up to now, largely unknown to others.


To be recognized as the leading company that brings to North America, delicious, nutritious, ancient foods that have been used for thousands of years and widely forgotten in today’s society. We achieve this by searching the globe to find only the highest quality foods and juices that have enabled cultures to survive and prosper.